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In my newest novel where I consolidate the Epic Trilogy into one book. To learn more, go to Amazon.
The book is written in traditional novel format. Cost: Paperback $13.99 Kindle $3.50

Also, during the pandemic, I wrote two additional novels under the pen name Leon Pashi. Both are romantic in style and have a tinge of eroticism. I especially like the second one, Zahin and Anoop. I believe it's my best. Regarding that book, here is a portion of a great review from M.L. of Kansas, "What a beautiful, eloquently written love story! . . . a welcomed diversion and bright spot during this time of isolation during the pandemic. The plot kept me interested and excitedly turning the pages to the end. . . hot, passionate intimacy with incredibly warm tenderness which validated sacredness. . ."

Please click here to go to the Amazon link for my twelve books. (The 1st and 4th books of the Blast Series are also available. They are minibooks and include colored photos along with the poetry. The cost is $12 each.)

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New and Recent Site Additions

May 26. 2021: Pandemic Series 11 - April, we pictorially welcome the arrival of Spring. The narrative portion is a very personal one. The poems and vignette focus on an issue I have been dealing with for over fifteen years. You will understand as you read further.

April 26. 2021: Pandemic Series 10 - March The first poem, Clocks of Time, is a bit lighthearted but also contains a serious message. Reflection takes a look at the seasons with an important message at the end. Under the vignette, we have an excerpt from my novel Zahin and Anoop written under my pen name Leon Pashi.

Recent Additions

Pandemic Series 9 - February offers two poems, The Stump and Reflection. The contents were part of the beginning for Year 20 of the Poetical Journal.

Pandemic Series 8 - January offers favorites from Year 19 of the PJ.

Western Ho Poems includes poetry, pictures, and recommendations on the beautiful state of Utah and the surrounding area. Click here to view the very extensive list. If you are interest in viewing the entire poetry list for this category, click here.


Hawaii Section includes poetry, pictures, and recommendations. Click here to view the Hawaii Index.


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Pandemic Series: To view click here. (Most poems are upbeat.)




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Australia, Bali, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Danube River Cruise (Prague, Czech Republic, Melk, Vienna, Bratslavia, and Budapest), England, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, & Switzerland

Alaska, Arizona (Sedona, Havasu, Grand Canyon); California, Colorado, Florida Gulf Coast, Hawaiian Islands - Extensive coverage, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, New England, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming

Banff, Alberta; Bryce National Park, UT; Grand Junction, CO; Hilton Head, SC; Jasper; Key West & Ft. Lauderdale; Lake Erie area; Lake Louise; Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas; Madison, IN; Nashville; Park City & Midway areas; Schnormeier Gardens; Vancouver, Vancouver Is.; Washington, D.C.; Yellowstone/Grand Tetons; Yosemite; Zion National Park, & Capitol Reef; Thanksgiving Point Gardens (SLC), Wall Lake, UT; Traveling to and Glacier National Park, MT


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A Bit of Site History

The site originally went online on December 20, 2000.

Poems of Hawaii and A Poem to A Graduate/Oregon Trail/A Toast annually receive the most hits.


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