Background: Curtis (Curt) Moorman - Curt was born in Dublin, Georgia on 17 March 1943. Son of a sharecropper, he learned about hard work early in life. After graduating from East Laurens High School in 1963, he joined the Air Force and served in the chaplains office for 20 years before returning home to Dublin. He worked at the VA Medical Center for the next 23 years. He and his wife Ruth are now retired. Curt is currently working on a compilation of his poems. He plans to publish them under the title American Splendor. You may e-mail him at
........Quiet Time with God

In the quiet time of the evening at the end of the day
I hold communion with God while I kneel down to pray
He listens intently with kind, loving care
As I come humbly before His Throne in prayer

He knows all my needs before I even speak
And I marvel at how He can be so unique
As to take time to listen to my every word
And leave me with the assurance that I know He has heard

I recall how in darkness I wandered about
My life filled with bitterness, anger and doubt
But then I made Jesus the Lord of my life
When I learned through His death, He bore all my strife

So now in the evening when I am alone
I take all my burdens to His Holy Throne
And there as I pray, I'm filled with His Grace
I'm thankful that one day, I'll look on His face

He'll stretch forth His arms and welcome me home
To live in His Glory, never more to roam
So, you see, I am thankful to know I have trod
The road that leads me to a quiet time with God

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