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Our intrepid travelers A~ and Z~ return in an explosive novel that will challenge your thinking. The two, who recently returned from their epic journey as reported in the novel To the End of Time and Back: An Epic Journey, are destined to take another voyage through time. This one has similar attributes but with a different outcome. While love, both physical and spiritual remains paramount, there are other encounters that provide clues to solving one of humankind’s greatest mysteries–what is next beyond this world. Click here for the Amazon link. (Released May 29)

My novel To the End of Time and Back: An Epic Journey is available via Amazon and Kindle. It will grab you from the start and carry you to places you have never been. The book contains many diverse ideas and is a great love story filled with adventure and intrigue. Questions? Email me. To go to Amazon, click here.


Click here to view and listen to a radio interview about To the End of Time.


New and Recent Site Additions

There is an extensive series of Western Ho poems and pictures on the beautiful state of Utah and the surrounding area. Click here to view the extensive list.


I have also recently revised the extensive section on Hawaii, especially the Maui one. You will have a much easier time searching the many poems, pictures, and recommendations. Click here to view the Hawaii Page.


May 28, 2017: In this month's Poetical Journal we travel to New Mexico. There are two serious poems, Flashes and Dreams 2. The vignette Humanity and Technology focuses on an issue that we will have to address both morally and ethically. The traditional content of humor, recommendations, and reader feedback are also there.

May 27, 2017: On this page we travel to Colorado. There are two poems, Personal Marathon and Are We Listening?–both serious and hopefully stimulating some thought. The vignette discusses freedom and is unique due to being a synopsis of a wonderful message I heard.

April 22, 2017: On this page we continue our pictorial travel to Maui. This is the second installment of our February visit. There are three poems, The Union, Makena Beach 2, and Pastor Paul. The vignette is a unique one, Thompson Road. Besides the other traditional content, there are several videos that are quite interesting.


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Other Recent Additions

On this page the pictures and poems have a touch of Aloha. It was also the 15th Anniversary Issue of the PJ. There are three poems, The Mountaineer, Homeward to Hawai'i and Baby Beach. There is also a brief history of my monthly newsletter.

Enjoy pictures taken over the last year (2015). I always choose some of my favorites. I also list the issue in which they appeared. The three poems are Lost in Time, Silent Music, and Asking For. Each in its own way speaks to the mystical. The vignette speaks to family.

This page focuses primarily on Oahu. However, there are several fall pictures taken in Ohio. (Several of my favorites.) There are three poems, Return to Hawai'i, The International Market, and Return Again to V & M. The vignette discusses a timely topic.

This is the annual Christmas Eve Issue. There is only one poem, My Christmas Carol, and a brief vignette. However, there are some other beautiful items to view including the Christmas lights in downtown Salt Lake City.


My Travel Recommendations including Poems and Pictures
Locations include The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Singapore, Germany, Vancouver, Vancouver Is., New England, Hawaiian Islands, Las Vegas, Key West & Ft. Lauderdale, Hilton Head, Oregon, England, Bermuda, Yellowstone, Washington, DC, Iceland, Grand Junction, CO, Williamsburg, VA, India, Schnormeier Gardens, Alaska, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Madison, Indiana, Lake Erie (Port Clinton area and Lakeside), Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Alberta, Park City, UT, Florida Gulf coast, Danube River cruise (Prague, Czech Republic; Melk, Vienna, Austria; Bratislavia; and Budapest), Westward Ho Series (Extensive information on Utah), Arizona (Sedona area, Lake Havasu, Arizona,Grand Canyon), Bryce National Park, UT, and Zion National Park, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, and Colorado.

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My work currently appears in five books. They are offered for sale on line. To order any of the five, click here.

  • A Respite in Time (2012) consists of 184 pages of vignettes, most only one or two pages in length. They provide thoughtful comments on life. Humor and narration are used to weave the writer's content. There are also travel vignettes that allow you to explore foreign lands through the written word. Each of the vignettes have appeared in Bob's newsletter over the last ten and a half years. Even if you have read many of them once, they are worth another read. The book makes a perfect gift! Paperback -- $15.00 (Reg. $18.50) & Hardback -- $24.00 (Reg. $26.50) To order, click here.
  • Lit Bit (2011) is the most recent. It is a small anthology that includes three of my poems and three of my photographs. The cover photo is also mine. SOLD OUT.
  • A Slice from the Apple with the Taste of Poetry (2010) is an anthology of poems written by members of the Apple Valley Poets, a very talented group that formed almost eleven years ago. This book contains a wide variety of poetical genres and will appeal to all lovers of poetry. SOLD OUT
  • An Oasis in a Cluttered World (2006) is a book that allows you chapter by chapter to immerse yourself in a quiet refuge as you forget the chaos of the world. Through poems, vignettes, and recommendations it beckons you to let go, relax, and savor life’s many riches. The cost is $11 for paperback and $18 for hardcover. To order, click here.
  • Wisdom from the Journey (2004) As stated on the cover leaf, “My wish is that this reading journey will provide you with a bit of respite from everyday life, generate a few laughs, cause good feelings about yourself and humanity, encourage introspection, and at certain times twinge your conscience on critical issues and thoughts. Upon reading the last page, I hope you will smile and say, That felt good!" The cost is $10 for paperback and $17 for hardcover. To order, click here.
  • The Wanderer: A Poetical Journey (2002) is my first book. You join me on my around the world trip that I took in 2002. The cost is $5.50 for the paperback. I am sold out of the hardback. However, the hardback is available through Author House. To order the paperback, click here.
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