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Review by Janice M. regarding Blast Book Four: . . . I loved the book.  There were so many ideas floating around in my head from your writings, and I understood everything you wrote about.  I saw the visions while traveling through the pages.   Thank you for your inspiration. . . ."

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New and Recent Site Additions

July 25, 2021: July Issue of the Poetical Journal – On our recent visit to Ohio, we were blessed to have Ted Schnormeier, the visionary behind the world-class Schnormeier Gardens, provide a personal tour of the grounds. Enjoy some of the photos taken during that tour. The poems, Citrus Grove and A Sprinkle, are two I enjoyed writing from pleasant memories. The vignette provides pertinent information regarding Schnormeier Gardens. A new guest poet, John Lemon, has been added to my site.

July 25, 2021: Pandemic Series 12 - June 2021 – Pictorially, the focus is my home state of Ohio. The poems, Reflection and Equal, are wide open for your interpretation. My short vignette is about a brief business meeting with Janice Marler. The guest vignette by author G.L. Rush is a humorous look at something we can all relate to.

Recent Additions

Pandemic Series 12 - May, pictorially, the focus is ones I have taken over recent decades of favorite gardens, some famous and others less well-known. Frankly, the poems, The Pond and Solitude, are two I really like and the messages inherent in them. The vignette speaks to healing and change. (This page was developed from the May Issue of the Poetical Journal.)

Pandemic Series 11 - April, we pictorially welcome the arrival of Spring. The narrative portion is a very personal one. The poems and vignette focus on an issue I have been dealing with for over fifteen years. You will understand as you read further.

Pandemic Series 10 - March The first poem, Clocks of Time, is a bit lighthearted but also contains a serious message. Reflection takes a look at the seasons with an important message at the end. Under the vignette, we have an excerpt from my novel Zahin and Anoop written under my pen name Leon Pashi.


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Pandemic Series: To view click here. (Works produced during COVID. Overall very upbeat poetry.)


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